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atladressing's Journal

Avatar the Last Airbender Dressing Room.
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Just like the dressing rooms before it, atladressing is a place where you can toss in all of your muses for Avatar the Last Airbender. There are no applications, no claiming of characters. There will be duplicates everywhere, so have fun with that! Imagine Aang meeting Aang? A bunch of Zukos having an angst fest? Or maybe some Ty Lee's discussing bra-sizes?

It can all happen in here.

As more characters enter, the dressing room will grow. More rooms will appear. Their content is completely up to you, the player. You want Sokka to find a room with just meat? Go ahead! Maybe Ty Lee can find a circus room! Anything is possible.

So come on in! Any and all AtLA characters are welcome.
[1] Don't be a douche. This is a fun and cracky role play. No need for drama llamas and wank, thanks.

[2] Please stay IC. Yes this IS a crack roleplay, but please stay a in character. It's not that hard.

[3] Only join and post with your character journals. You may watch the comm with your personal journal if you wish, but this is characters only.

[4] NC-17 themes ARE allowed (along with yaoi and yuri) but PLEASE keep those posts friendslocked. I don't want us getting banhammered, guys.

[5] Have fun!
HEAD MOD; personal lj; jerk_bender
AIM; zuzu hotman

*note; I am currently looking for two co-mods. Please contact me via AIM if you want a spot.

pwdressingroom [Phoenix Wright themed dressing room]
contact post [here]
also; atladressingroom has an aim chat. Just invite yourself to; atlachat ♥
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